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Our team of professional builders together with the qualified Interior Designer can take away your refurbishment challenges.

From a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment to a complete rebuild of the property, our customers benefit from our Interior Designer’s advice and suppliers’ discounts.

Solution finders team

Why Choose us

We have specialists working in different fields of the construction industry, from tilers, electricians, or plumbers to roofers or carpenters, with years of experience.

We provide the guaranteed quality

At Atudori Construction Services, we are committed to an approach that combines efficiency, quality, transparency, and client satisfaction for an exceptional construction experience.

Our customers recommend us not only for our work but also for our solution-orientated team, tidiness, transparent way of communicating with customers, and time delivery of our projects.

Why choose us for your projects

Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • Efficient Project Organization: Our projects, led by a female organizer, benefit from streamlined organization and meticulous scheduling.

  • Skilled Builders: Our team of skilled builders can now concentrate and focus on their work, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

  • Regular Customer Updates: Keeping our customers informed is crucial. We provide regular updates throughout the project, fostering transparency and client engagement.

  • Installment Payments: Our payment system is structured with installment payments directly proportional to the progress of our work, reflecting transparency and fairness.

  • Online Project Access: Clients have convenient access to an internet-based platform where they can track the entire project, promoting transparency and involvement.