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Converting the old pub into an optical shop

Transforming an old Club / Pub into an optician shop has been a great challenge for the entire team. Starting with the interior designer to electrician, carpenter, flooring, plumber, and painter specialists, all have been involved. We embrace the project and had a free hand to transform a dark, old place into a lighted, clean shop for our Optician Client.

The project involved stripping out the old lino floor, ceilings, and the elevator that was out of order for the last century. Also building up new, stable walls, plastering them and painting them to a high standard, boxing up, and fixing some of the bespoke shelves were other tasks. Utilizing the space for its best template was our Designer’s job, hence our customers could fit in the consultation room, reception desk, and optical shop.

Project details.

Client testimony:

"A'Tudori & Co were professional from the start. Team is hardworking and reliable! They completed the job on time to a high standard of workmanship and have transformed the commercial property! If you are reading this, do not hesitate to contact Ana (the Interior Designer) and her team, you will not be disappointed!" - Rabbia


We guarantee the work we have done with our Contractors' Professional Liability Insurance.

Specialists involved:

Project manager, Interior Designer, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter.

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